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How to set up Shiny Server on a Ubuntu 20.04 server from Digital Ocean

Linux R

10 February, 2022

– We can use RStudio's open-source version of Shiny Server to host our own Shiny apps on a Ubuntu 20.04 cloud server.

How to automate R reports on Linux with cron jobs

Linux R

11 November, 2021

– This post describes how to set up a cron job on Linux to automate data analysis pipelines with R scripts or R Markdown reports.

How to verify a checksum in Linux


4 January, 2021

– This post describes one simple way to verify the checksum of a downloaded file to ensure it isn't corrupted or infected with malware.

Hosting a Kali Linux virtual machine using KVM on a Ubuntu 20.10 box

Linux Virtualization Kali Linux

11 December, 2020

– KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) is an open-source hypervisor built into the Linux kernel. Here, I describe steps taken to host a live Kali Linux virtual machine on a Ubuntu 20.10 host, using KVM.

How to install World of Warcraft on Linux with Lutris and Wine

Linux World of Warcraft

22 November, 2020

– World of Warcraft (Classic or Retail) is one of the few MMOs that, with a couple of open-source tools, will run flawlessly on a Linux box. The setup is relatively straight-forward, so if you'd like to lose your friends and life ambitions, read on.

Setting environment variables for Django in Linux

Python Django Linux

22 September, 2020

– Setting environment variables for your Django web-application is pretty simple: here's how you do it.