Kia ora, I'm Hedley—

I'm a software engineer specialising in data products and web applications. I also have a strong interest in DevOps, automation, cybersecurity, data science, Linux, systems architecture and data engineering.

While my professional work can't be shown here, you may be interested in my consulting services, my GitLab account, or the repo containing the code used in my writing. I mainly write about R (15 posts), Python (13 posts), and statistics and data science (10 posts). My three most recent posts are shown below, and you can find the rest of my writing here. Finally, feel free to contact me.

How to develop and test a minimal API in Python with Flask

Python Software engineering Flask 11 April, 2023

– This post describes how to develop and test an API in Python with Flask. The API is minimal and self-contained, with very few dependencies beyond the Python standard library.

The unexpected downsides of working in a flow state

Blog Mental health Software engineering 5 March, 2023

– Software developers often talk about entering a flow state when programming, leading to periods of extreme productivity. This is generally regarded as a Good Thing, but I think that there are some caveats to working in a flow state that we should be mindful of.

An introduction to practical data privacy and security

Privacy and security 30 October, 2022

– This post describes a series of practical actions you can take to increase the privacy and security of yourself and your data.