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Geographical sorting is not a thing

GIS Shiny R

16 August, 2020

– In this tutorial, we run through some little-known but extremely attractive options for making life as hard as possible for your app's users.

Click to zoom in on polygon in Leaflet maps with Shiny

GIS Shiny R Leaflet

12 July, 2020

– An easy way to add further interactivity to Leaflet maps rendered in R Shiny apps is to enable zoom-to-point functionality for your polygons. There currently isn't an out-of-the-box solution for this, but it's pretty easy ...

Dependent selectInput objects in Shiny apps that you can bypass

Shiny R

4 February, 2020 (updated 2 November, 2022)

– I see this question pop up on Stack Overflow all the time. How do you tie together multiple selectInputs (or selectizeInputs), making the child input dependent on the parent input, but still allowing the user to bypass the first input? In other ...

Displaying ggplot messages in a Shiny app

Shiny R ggplot

8 January, 2020

– It turns out that capturing and displaying in a Shiny app the warning and error messages generated by ggplot isn't as simple as you might think. In order to discover why that is, we need to know a little bit about what happens behind the scenes ...