Help wanted

I often read that a great way to get better at programming is to contribute to open-source projects. The problem is, open-source projects that are looking for help aren't all that easy to find. To help make this process a bit easier, we can use the GitHub API.

There's a lot we can do with this API—we could get pretty specific, looking only for issues in a particular langauge with a particular set of labels. To keep it simple, I'm just searching for open issues with the "help wanted" label. I'm also only returning the 100 most recent issues that match our criteria. We could return thousands (there are about 45,000 open issues on GitHub with the "help wanted" label for Python projects at the time of writing), but let's not get too carried away.

I've written a post describing the basic steps underlying this project here. At the moment, we're just searching for open issues in Python and R (because they're the two languages I'm most interested in); let me know if you want me to add anything else.

Python projects

Title URL Labels Updated
Kotlin and Swift VS Python enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-22T06:06:32Z
Failed to dlopen some gpu images bug, help wanted 2022-05-22T03:40:04Z
Add support for more languages and providers enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-22T00:31:22Z
Migration enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-22T00:52:23Z
Migration enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-21T23:25:29Z
Option to upload downloaded space to S3 or other storages enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-21T23:36:08Z
Add support for a shulkr config file enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-21T22:21:16Z
Add support for more mappings besides yarn's and Mojang's official ones enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-21T22:07:34Z
Let the user choose to decompile the client-side, server-side or both enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-21T22:24:22Z
Add an option that lets the user specify a Java decompiler enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-21T22:07:27Z
Revamp decompilation options help wanted 2022-05-21T22:26:47Z
Feature map design enhancement, help wanted, important 2022-05-21T21:59:25Z
flatpak Package / Installer enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-21T21:34:21Z
Rewrite backend using vlc enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-21T23:01:20Z
套用jwt token help wanted 2022-05-21T17:18:20Z
建立log紀錄 help wanted 2022-05-21T17:16:45Z
tom sux lol bug, documentation, duplicate, enhancement, help wanted, good first issue, invalid, question, wontfix 2022-05-21T17:16:18Z
Remove duplicate Scylladb docs Bug, help wanted, good first issue 2022-05-21T16:55:08Z
Added language support enhancement, help wanted, Tests 2022-05-21T16:10:35Z
Hazard Nuker [HELP] help wanted 2022-05-21T15:09:57Z
Add new entry for PyPy 3.8? help wanted 2022-05-21T13:32:50Z
Youtube serves me av1 codec instead of vp9 bug, help wanted 2022-05-21T13:40:38Z
intermediate/char_rnn_classification_tutorial 문서의 오타 수정 번역 개선, help wanted, 컨트리뷰톤 2022-05-21T11:56:22Z
add info about presentation mode and full screen option enhancement, good first issue, help wanted 2022-05-21T09:56:04Z
Recipe for opencpop database help wanted, recipes 2022-05-21T07:42:06Z
Can i get top-5 precision , recall , f1 scores ? help wanted 2022-05-21T07:33:45Z
Decouple api from zmq backend enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-21T07:14:18Z
Wordlist improvements help wanted 2022-05-21T06:47:56Z
Implement 8-word format help wanted 2022-05-21T06:45:53Z
Improve existing formats help wanted 2022-05-21T06:45:39Z
RuntimeError: main thread is not in main loop bug, help wanted 2022-05-22T03:29:05Z
RU production parser down help wanted, parser 2022-05-21T06:00:35Z
Add Slack functionality inside logger good first issue, help wanted, 🟩 priority: low, ✨ goal: improvement, 💻 aspect: code 2022-05-21T05:17:06Z
Kotlin and Swift VS Python help wanted 2022-05-21T03:41:04Z
Find and correct copy / paste errors and typos and minor code fixes bug, documentation, help wanted, release, user 2022-05-21T04:14:55Z
Hazard Nuker [HELP] help wanted 2022-05-21T14:47:38Z
pp bug, enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-20T22:45:05Z
Greek text proofreading help wanted 2022-05-20T21:45:38Z
Get titles/text with emojis good first issue, help wanted, 🟩 priority: low, ✨ goal: improvement, 💻 aspect: code 2022-05-20T21:16:23Z
Hazard Nuker [HELP] Crash when option 14 (QR CODE GRABBER) help wanted 2022-05-20T19:36:21Z
Future of community.docker help wanted, admin 2022-05-20T19:11:59Z
post/cpost/watch ... post since stopped? enhancement, help wanted, Design, Developer 2022-05-20T16:59:36Z
Precision fails when using negative ignored index bug / fix, help wanted 2022-05-20T18:06:45Z
Motion v 4.4 config enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-21T10:58:00Z
Improve pipeline profiling help wanted, API, refactoring 2022-05-20T14:46:44Z
[HELP] error when installing models help wanted 2022-05-21T09:36:25Z
Fix link to `CREATE PREDICTOR` statement Bug, help wanted, good first issue 2022-05-20T20:49:12Z
Sample fake entities for entity augmenter using Faker package enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-20T12:59:19Z
Create "give role" plugin enhancement, help wanted, good first issue 2022-05-20T11:18:34Z
Making it easier to restart interrupted runs help wanted, new feature 2022-05-20T10:56:40Z
Group Person Entities enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-21T11:13:59Z
Connector WhatsApp enhancement, help wanted, connector 2022-05-20T10:15:46Z
Experimental Links Between Wiki Pages enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-20T09:55:13Z
실행속도 & 용량 bug, help wanted 2022-05-20T09:42:41Z
Addition of expression recognition enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-20T09:14:37Z
List of crashing tests in M1 GPU (mps) help wanted 2022-05-21T07:57:50Z
Coverage na nieaktualne help wanted, circleci 2022-05-20T09:04:25Z
누르면 복사가 아닌 바로 텐센트로 가지는 시스템 help wanted, good first issue 2022-05-20T09:44:06Z
영어, 중국어 help wanted 2022-05-20T09:43:31Z
시간표 help wanted 2022-05-20T09:43:31Z
Enhancement Request: Make the Windows release winget'able help wanted, feature request 2022-05-21T16:15:42Z
for loop enhancements: over typed data, and with index / key / value help wanted, pending-release, oil-language 2022-05-21T04:06:02Z
shopt parse_unquoted for case and for help wanted, pending-release, oil-language, strict, dev-tutorial 2022-05-21T04:05:55Z
FAQ TOC links not working Bug, Help wanted, Beginner friendly, Documentation, Complexity: Low 2022-05-20T07:48:36Z
Setting up cogs, unable to get two (or more) to run bug, help wanted 2022-05-20T07:09:56Z
Update to Python 3.11.0b1. help wanted 2022-05-20T06:41:08Z
关于通知方式 help wanted, question, 抓取出错 2022-05-20T06:35:26Z
可能存在内存泄漏 help wanted 2022-05-20T04:15:34Z
Downstream task evaluation enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-20T03:28:53Z
[auto-bump][chart] jenkins-4.1.0 help wanted, needs release notes 2022-05-20T03:01:05Z
[auto-bump][chart] prometheus-elasticsearch-exporter-4.12.0 help wanted, needs release notes 2022-05-20T03:00:58Z
Problem with model training help wanted 2022-05-20T11:22:02Z
Python 3.6 EOL bug, help wanted 2022-05-20T00:39:45Z
advance editor help wanted, question 2022-05-20T17:08:12Z
Path normalization (train on Windows and deploy on Linux) bug, help wanted, good first issue 2022-05-21T14:56:53Z
Solved issue 10 help wanted 2022-05-20T11:57:37Z
Always ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED with secure DNS help wanted 2022-05-20T11:50:20Z
WIP refactor: switch to micromamba as package/envs manager enhancement, help wanted, custom_env 2022-05-20T14:57:24Z
How to specify how many passwords wanted? help wanted 2022-05-20T06:27:00Z
Search returning "None" for every search as of 5/19/21 bug, help wanted 2022-05-20T07:34:45Z
Promote usage of close reasons enhancement, help wanted, github, good first issue 2022-05-21T08:29:37Z
Duplicated classes and methods in Sphinx API docs bug, documentation, help wanted 2022-05-19T18:41:37Z
ViT support enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-19T19:35:43Z
Add Unit Tests, Comments, and Documentation/Docstrings documentation, help wanted, good first issue 2022-05-19T18:09:54Z
Migrate publication details from good first issue, help wanted 2022-05-20T01:24:50Z
Wrong frequency in NOAA-GFDL files help wanted, invalid 2022-05-19T20:37:09Z
Revisar e reordenar header dos arquivos python good first isssue, help wanted 2022-05-19T16:53:37Z
Make start_time and end_time easier to use enhancement, good first issue, help wanted 2022-05-20T09:22:47Z
Add the use location as a parameter. Then find it from system data. enhancement, good first issue, help wanted 2022-05-20T15:09:03Z
Dask-specific methods enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-19T15:43:14Z
Validate usage of the automatic build of the BoaviztAPI client library in this project, document how to update the lib documentation, enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-19T15:34:01Z
Integration testing enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-19T15:27:44Z
Open discussion on how to include lifetime of the machine in the scope 3 calculation enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-19T15:32:00Z
Consolidate ricochet_tellor_reporter workflow into distribute_v2 workflow good first issue, help wanted, $2500 bounty 2022-05-19T14:10:50Z
Updating DetectICsSilk() bug, help wanted, OpenCV 2022-05-19T14:09:04Z
Vue3 support help wanted 2022-05-19T13:36:00Z
angle_axis_to_rotation_matrix backward gradient may produce NaN help wanted 2022-05-20T12:16:17Z
Crash with large PDF and Chinese chars after the second compilation with auctex help wanted 2022-05-19T12:44:33Z
ValueError: current limit exceeds maximum limit error if run auto_mhddos_mac script against macOS 10.15(10.13) bug, help wanted 2022-05-21T08:43:36Z
Integration with Metabase enhancement, help wanted, good first issue 2022-05-19T12:40:00Z

R projects

Title URL Labels Updated
Troubleshoot sedimentation risk in NHDPlusV2 catchments help wanted 2022-05-20T18:37:22Z
Use TNC toolbox to delineate active river area help wanted 2022-05-20T17:51:41Z
Find HUC12 datasets for Watershed Condition indicators help wanted 2022-05-20T17:01:46Z
dbColumnInfo() should return SQL Data Types help wanted 2022-05-20T00:14:24Z
dbColumnInfo() should return SQL Data Types feature, help wanted 2022-05-20T00:13:01Z
Curriculum Advisory Committee Recommendations from 2022 Q1 Meeting (Help wanted!) help wanted 2022-05-19T14:54:50Z
xcms plot chromatogram - manage SampleMetadata with ad without X (check.names) enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-19T09:48:34Z
MCALT atlas request atlas request, help wanted 2022-05-17T14:09:59Z
Sampling protocol help wanted 2022-05-20T06:59:01Z
Mortality Data enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-17T02:40:45Z
Redesign interface enhancement, help wanted, question 2022-05-16T16:28:00Z
Legends in `emulator_plot` enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-16T16:10:39Z
Feature Request: Reproducible scripts for admiral_xxxx datasets documentation, enhancement, help wanted, programming 2022-05-18T13:12:26Z
Try `write_dwc()` on non-Zenodo dataset help wanted 2022-05-20T07:19:30Z
DDT enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-19T14:01:59Z
cost chlorfenapyr nets enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-13T10:14:37Z
Microscopy enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-13T10:13:44Z
Add anchors to section and box (callout etc.) titles enhancement, help wanted, accessibility 2022-05-13T14:49:25Z
What reference data to include help wanted 2022-05-20T07:22:50Z
Get feedback from experts help wanted 2022-05-12T09:09:28Z
pollock and codGB problems bug, help wanted 2022-05-17T19:07:12Z
haddockGB problems bug, help wanted 2022-05-17T19:26:41Z
Feature Request: Add RANDDT to ADSL template and vignette documentation, enhancement, good first issue, help wanted, programming, onco 2022-05-12T13:24:15Z
RAP Battle Agenda help wanted 2022-05-13T13:19:37Z
pkgdown site working documentation, enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-16T19:50:45Z
Generate local database files to use as sources of annotations enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-10T13:10:34Z
create `nowcasting_cluster()` documentation, enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-10T13:51:10Z
Feedback needed help wanted 2022-05-19T14:31:54Z
`append_layer()` does not work with Shiny bug, enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-17T02:42:23Z
runSetup possible bug. bug, help wanted 2022-05-16T20:19:39Z
Adjusting effect sizes, p values, and CIs enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-21T09:47:56Z
Decide on sufficient number of iterations enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-21T09:47:44Z
No unique id constraints in db enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-17T02:41:30Z
Create vignette on how to create data package help wanted 2022-05-20T08:42:49Z
sqlite erases timezones bug, help wanted 2022-05-17T02:41:56Z
GAP data summaries by block enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-03T13:54:54Z
reduce index size help wanted 2022-05-17T20:49:55Z
Silent and Return.age bug, documentation, enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-10T13:41:16Z
Convert .pptx to Xaringan Slides enhancement, good first issue, help wanted 2022-04-27T14:24:30Z
This version is not compatible with R >=4.0.0 bug, help wanted, issue 2022-05-05T08:13:51Z
Issues on JS-R communication for some methods help wanted 2022-04-28T16:28:44Z
Article on validation help wanted, good first issue 2022-04-23T20:21:16Z
Fix flow bug, help wanted 2022-05-10T19:30:07Z
Rename help wanted, question 2022-05-20T09:20:32Z
Implement CIPR help wanted, new tool, high priority 2022-04-20T23:08:00Z
Imports documentation, enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-12T14:56:49Z
Quarto integration? enhancement, help wanted 2022-04-18T20:03:31Z
general speed improvements needed help wanted 2022-04-23T14:22:47Z
Multiple sequence alignment using R help wanted, question 2022-04-18T20:14:21Z
Priority 2: Developing Classification System help wanted 2022-04-14T02:56:18Z
Priority 1: Fortnightly Collection help wanted 2022-04-14T02:41:10Z
CAA non-functioning bug, help wanted 2022-05-16T14:29:35Z
Error reading .xlsx Workbook has no worksheets enhancement, help wanted, low priority 2022-04-14T14:32:43Z
More flexible way of loading `GeoPressureViz` data enhancement, help wanted 2022-04-11T17:30:57Z
Add `GeoLocTools` dependency help wanted, wontfix 2022-04-11T17:28:36Z
Schema validity checks enhancement, help wanted 2022-04-11T09:33:55Z
Priority 2: Calculation of Table 2- Weighted Average Price Per Kilo help wanted 2022-04-12T02:30:52Z
Priority 1: Calculation of Table 1- Quantity Supplied help wanted 2022-04-12T02:25:04Z
Trainset frozen irresponsive waiting loading bug, help wanted, wontfix 2022-04-10T23:08:16Z
List of datasets for c14bazAAR help wanted 2022-04-10T16:07:43Z
99% code coverage help wanted 2022-04-19T01:29:21Z
Minimum or recommended metadata enhancement, help wanted 2022-04-08T11:01:19Z
Priority 3. Extract data frame tabulated in R into Excel tables help wanted 2022-04-08T05:57:03Z
Priority 2. Quality Checks built into processing of data help wanted 2022-04-08T05:55:53Z
Priority 1. Developing Visualisation for Report help wanted 2022-04-13T09:57:59Z
Nowcasting functions that accept any type of data documentation, enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-09T20:00:45Z
Changing for a cleaver way documentation, enhancement, help wanted 2022-05-16T19:56:39Z
cyto_gate_draw() error: subset out of bounds Help Wanted 2022-04-15T00:18:42Z
Testing 1 2 3 help wanted 2022-05-03T15:29:29Z
[FR?] rvar works in data.frame but not data.table help wanted 2022-04-07T03:21:12Z
Rule-based Regression enhancement, help wanted 2022-04-05T14:00:20Z
PROJ string datum warning with rgdal package help wanted 2022-05-17T19:26:05Z
Time for a new release ? help wanted 2022-05-17T16:45:43Z
Combine step 5 outputs from different samples enhancement, help wanted, question 2022-04-02T18:52:50Z
Refine breaking control on log-scaled axes bug, help wanted 2022-04-01T21:04:28Z
Inhomogeneous behaviour using stby help wanted 2022-05-19T04:38:17Z
Specify contrasts enhancement, help wanted 2022-03-30T18:24:07Z
windows 빌드에서 추가 help wanted 2022-04-23T06:50:48Z
예쁜 로고가 필요합니다. help wanted 2022-03-30T06:02:14Z
Better Login UI help wanted, ui 2022-03-28T23:35:55Z
Font encoding for Ukrainian language help wanted 2022-03-28T21:17:28Z
Correct depth column name? help wanted 2022-03-28T05:16:21Z
compore_polish_flow:mean_per_pos terminates with error exit status 1 bug, help wanted, AWS 2022-04-07T14:08:26Z
Ecoregion assignment for each block help wanted 2022-05-03T13:49:38Z
NRS and CPR volumes help wanted 2022-03-25T07:09:57Z
Tests are using invalid schemas bug, help wanted, good first issue 2022-03-23T10:37:47Z
Is it possible to upload a sample sheet using the NACHO shiny app? enhancement, help wanted, Good first issue 2022-03-28T07:56:38Z
Documentation: Contact section should have downloaded .ics for admiral community meetings documentation, help wanted, collaboration, release 20-May-2022 2022-05-17T14:57:22Z
Support Crypto API help wanted 2022-04-02T11:59:28Z
Data protection help wanted 2022-03-17T11:09:29Z
El template de innovar-xaringan crea una carpeta con los archivos help wanted 2022-04-11T15:13:49Z
Deal with machine not using UTF8 encoding by default help wanted 2022-03-28T09:04:41Z
Infographics help wanted 2022-04-07T06:46:28Z
Add option to compete with your friends enhancement, help wanted 2022-03-11T08:37:58Z
Write some more tests help wanted 2022-04-04T07:12:38Z
Documentation: Get Started has incorrect trt variables in mutate documentation, good first issue, help wanted, release 20-May-2022, contribution 2022-03-30T12:30:09Z
Hidden Checklists help wanted 2022-03-25T14:28:55Z
Use tiles with CRS != EPSG:3857 help wanted 2022-03-04T15:47:31Z
Integration with ggiraph enhancement, help wanted 2022-03-04T00:34:05Z
Comparing a multivariate HMM and univariate HMM for binary classification help wanted 2022-03-07T09:56:09Z