Help wanted

I often read that a great way to get better at programming is to contribute to open-source projects. The problem is, open-source projects that are looking for help aren't all that easy to find. To help make this process a bit easier, we can use the GitHub API.

There's a lot we can do with this API—we could get pretty specific, looking only for issues in a particular langauge with a particular set of labels. To keep it simple, I'm just searching for open issues with the "help wanted" label. I'm also only returning the 100 most recent issues that match our criteria. We could return thousands (there are about 45,000 open issues on GitHub with the "help wanted" label for Python projects at the time of writing), but let's not get too carried away.

I've written a post describing the basic steps underlying this project here. At the moment, we're just searching for open issues in Python and R (because they're the two languages I'm most interested in); let me know if you want me to add anything else.

Python projects

Title URL Labels Updated
【需求】专栏模块/音频扩建 need, feature, help wanted 2023-01-28T04:51:05Z
Add a feature to export your songs/playlists in a file and import them later help wanted, good first issue 2023-01-28T02:23:49Z
Create an API program to consult chatGPT for health advice enhancement, help wanted 2023-01-28T02:09:02Z
kornia.utils.draw_line not working on horizontal lines help wanted 2023-01-28T00:57:09Z
Top border missing on avatar in user profile bug, help wanted, good first issue, area: popovers 2023-01-28T00:33:45Z
Slack integration for alerts enhancement, help wanted 2023-01-28T00:29:15Z
Integrate time-series db help wanted 2023-01-28T00:24:58Z
Update some examples good first issue, help wanted 2023-01-28T00:29:27Z
Add "Writing messages" section to help center help wanted, area: documentation (user), priority: high 2023-01-28T00:12:42Z
Add test suite for BCI-Essentials Python documentation, help wanted 2023-01-27T23:37:45Z
Add BitTiming/BitTimingFd support to slcanBus help wanted, backend:slcan 2023-01-27T23:11:37Z
Add BitTiming/BitTimingFd support to Usb2canBus help wanted, backend:usb2can 2023-01-27T23:08:47Z
When using BCI Essentials my model saves automatically after training enhancement, help wanted 2023-01-27T22:35:57Z
Need improvement to FoodData API help wanted 2023-01-28T04:09:19Z
Some countries may be missing bug, help wanted 2023-01-27T22:00:09Z
Add BitTiming/BitTimingFd support to KvaserBus help wanted, backend:kvaser 2023-01-27T21:41:20Z
Incompatibility of convert_pd_to_gdf_lines with Shapely 2.0 bug, help wanted 2023-01-27T22:26:01Z
similar variables detector is extremely slow bug, help wanted 2023-01-27T21:08:20Z
Need to distinguish between diffuse and too calculations enhancement, help wanted 2023-01-27T20:47:18Z
Figures too small in Documentation bug, help wanted, good first issue, documentation 2023-01-28T02:55:54Z
Use mypy for type resolving..? 🤔 enhancement, help wanted 2023-01-27T18:53:12Z
how to calculate velocity help wanted, question 2023-01-27T23:54:07Z
Revisit Validity of EAS Optical Tables for Non-satellite Detectors (Related: Issue #6) enhancement, help wanted 2023-01-27T17:33:38Z
Bitbucket Pipelines help wanted 2023-01-27T20:07:40Z
GitLab Pipelines help wanted 2023-01-27T20:14:50Z
Using C FFI for interop rust -> Python enhancement, help wanted, :snake: python :snake:, :crab: rust :crab: 2023-01-27T17:22:26Z
Complete test_server_task. Enhancements, help wanted 2023-01-27T19:47:49Z
Support generation kwargs within Seq2SeqTasks enhancement, help wanted 2023-01-27T16:42:19Z
V estimator enhancement, help wanted, theory 2023-01-27T16:51:33Z
Are all of our unit tests running? help wanted, good first issue, testing 2023-01-28T02:50:49Z
checking is path is vaild or not help wanted 2023-01-27T15:40:20Z
["BUG"] Tenant organization is created but not associated when sites are created bug, help wanted 2023-01-27T17:05:06Z
Feature/navigation2 enhancement, help wanted 2023-01-27T15:02:23Z
Update `Operator.from_circuit` to account for ancilla expansion based on layout type: feature request, help wanted, mod: quantum info 2023-01-27T19:57:20Z
Move Notificatio's code to Django instead of JS help wanted, community, triage 2023-01-27T15:14:46Z
Large Data Set Plotting enhancement, help wanted, question 2023-01-27T13:24:59Z
Make a banner for EmuGUI 1.0 enhancement, help wanted 2023-01-27T12:30:26Z
Presentation documentation, enhancement, help wanted 2023-01-27T12:14:36Z
Provide example YAML dashboard enhancement, help wanted 2023-01-27T10:38:29Z
DLT-based PnP is not helpful for training help wanted 2023-01-27T09:44:30Z
ChatGPT basically designed our character enhancement, help wanted 2023-01-27T06:37:52Z
Translate scripts JP -> EN help wanted 2023-01-27T02:48:42Z
Research how to re-insert textures help wanted 2023-01-27T02:47:10Z
Create script to re-insert text help wanted 2023-01-27T02:46:01Z
Create script to dump script text help wanted 2023-01-27T02:45:38Z
Research how to extract textures help wanted 2023-01-27T02:46:51Z
topic pub cannot handle multiple `!` lines up in a row help wanted, question 2023-01-27T00:55:36Z
Add Queensland enhancement, help wanted 2023-01-27T00:07:16Z
Numerics issues on alexnet torchvision model (CPU) bug, help wanted, model support 2023-01-26T21:57:24Z
Test a read-only configuration for Trac help wanted 2023-01-26T23:26:25Z
Issue with Elden ring help wanted 2023-01-26T20:07:25Z
Playing vs humans help wanted 2023-01-26T20:52:50Z
Literature review on scaling laws help wanted 2023-01-26T19:49:44Z
No such file or directory: 'pygem/' help wanted 2023-01-26T20:29:37Z
Get rid of "mailto:" when copying email address enhancement, help wanted 2023-01-26T20:58:55Z
Investigate if set_default_enum_values_on_schema utility is needed anymore. enhancement, help wanted 2023-01-26T19:00:09Z
GraphQLEnumType.values dict type is Dict[str, GraphQLEnumValue] enhancement, help wanted 2023-01-26T18:57:46Z
Move schema-fixing logic from `Enum.bind_to_default_values` to utility function enhancement, help wanted 2023-01-26T18:55:28Z
[HELP] - help wanted 2023-01-26T22:31:01Z
Fit results save and load functionality enhancement, help wanted, new-feature 2023-01-26T19:06:47Z
LB6 n'affiche pas les noms help wanted 2023-01-26T20:50:28Z
Clarify that the record selector only displays the first 10 records type: enhancement, good first issue, help wanted, work: frontend, status: ready 2023-01-27T10:42:21Z
Implementation of YOLOv5 in Colab demo help wanted 2023-01-26T18:22:48Z
ROS2 Datasets Wanted help wanted 2023-01-27T12:48:35Z
Google Analytics help wanted, good first issue 2023-01-26T16:39:55Z
Unity help wanted, good first issue 2023-01-26T16:39:30Z
T-SQL help wanted, good first issue 2023-01-26T16:38:49Z
Angular help wanted, good first issue 2023-01-26T16:38:11Z
Agile Methodology help wanted, good first issue 2023-01-26T16:34:42Z
Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) help wanted, good first issue 2023-01-26T16:33:47Z
Wordpress help wanted, good first issue 2023-01-26T16:32:19Z
Microsoft Outlook help wanted, good first issue 2023-01-26T16:30:57Z
Navigate to linked record via grouping header row type: enhancement, good first issue, help wanted, work: frontend, status: ready 2023-01-28T04:26:00Z
[Docs]: Update MLFlow handler documentation help wanted, good first issue, documentation 2023-01-26T16:39:45Z
Document files (scripts, textures, sounds) documentation, help wanted 2023-01-27T02:44:42Z
Document processes and progress on website documentation, help wanted 2023-01-27T02:44:39Z
Compare original sc.cpk and EBOOT.BIN with existing patch to get clues help wanted 2023-01-27T02:45:02Z
Write code to generate TBL file help wanted 2023-01-26T14:24:32Z
Verify baka_table.tbl is mapping correct Hex to Shift-JIS documentation, help wanted 2023-01-27T02:44:34Z
Check other CriWare games with lt.bin file to see if fonts are swappable help wanted 2023-01-26T14:05:10Z
Re-create MOV_PR.pmf (MPEG4 480x272, 29.97fps .avi PCM Uncompressed .wav) help wanted 2023-01-26T14:30:23Z
Implement key committing AEAD or AES-CTR with HMAC-SHA512 in python using cryptography pypi module/package enhancement, help wanted, good first issue, hacktoberfest 2023-01-26T13:34:52Z
Autocompletion for message contents still broken in humble? help wanted, more-information-needed 2023-01-26T18:42:15Z
Making translations compatible with the new features enhancement, help wanted 2023-01-26T13:03:04Z
Trying to implement TCP client on RPi Pico with ETH HAT help wanted, question 2023-01-27T09:45:53Z
Missing AutoAugment Operations help wanted 2023-01-26T17:30:08Z
Stuck in executing notebook bug, help wanted 2023-01-27T20:22:33Z
RX 5600 XT Resource Exhausted, Out Of Memory bug, help wanted 2023-01-26T22:09:43Z
Figure out compatibility with V8.x help wanted 2023-01-26T09:53:03Z
GUI.exe stores user_auth.txt file outside scope of PICO bug, help wanted 2023-01-26T09:50:45Z
get_entity_from_xml_record_entity() in help wanted 2023-01-26T14:22:55Z
Add code to Base Class to make it easier to extract the learnt embeddings from the models. enhancement, help wanted, good first issue 2023-01-26T09:34:55Z
Add more flexibility to the cluster ensemble object help wanted, priority, Architecture 2023-01-26T18:08:30Z
Add integration tests help wanted, tests 2023-01-26T09:14:57Z
[Documentation] Selected Coding Questions documentation, help wanted, High 2023-01-26T07:30:05Z
Compressing and Encrypting data in ASCII mode can potentially leak data about plaintext. help wanted, good first issue, security, critical 2023-01-26T13:35:52Z
Improvements for beginners help wanted, good first issue 2023-01-26T20:05:01Z
Implement Auth and Groups enhancement, help wanted, question 2023-01-26T06:55:56Z
[Feat]: Add Ability to Automatically Compile the `` Library File enhancement, help wanted 2023-01-26T06:25:25Z
Input out of bounds in a model exported from onnx function bug, help wanted, topic: aten lib, topic: ux 2023-01-27T17:21:17Z

R projects

Title URL Labels Updated
Generate NAMESPACE using roxygen2 bug, help wanted 2023-01-27T07:43:47Z
NMsim: Simulation with uncertainty help wanted 2023-01-27T05:51:47Z
NMsim: Use msfi if available help wanted 2023-01-27T05:14:59Z
Create R script to produce "Table 3" help wanted, AI 2023-01-26T23:06:19Z
develop consistent scheme for code tags across packages? help wanted, question, documentation, workflow 2023-01-26T20:59:38Z
What is the correct static branching naming strategy for targets? help wanted 2023-01-26T13:19:51Z
Add examples and tests for N()-style arguments for Form(), Diss(), etc. time-varying covariates. enhancement, help wanted 2023-01-26T04:33:57Z
Issue compiling model, include paths bug, help wanted 2023-01-27T18:03:47Z
Resolution and sizing customisation enhancement, help wanted 2023-01-26T08:50:34Z
estimate_secondary prevalence model does not recover the synthetic parameters bug, help wanted 2023-01-24T20:37:28Z
Use delays_lp() in estimate_truncation enhancement, help wanted 2023-01-24T20:35:52Z
reported_cases_opts() enhancement, help wanted 2023-01-23T17:16:51Z
Show more: add a more dynamic way to show more search hits enhancement, help wanted 2023-01-22T10:13:32Z
[Help] help wanted, question 2023-01-21T19:27:43Z
Extend to also cover Highcharts enhancement, help wanted 2023-01-24T09:24:42Z
Assignment 1 help wanted 2023-01-20T00:35:54Z
EIA API version 2? help wanted 2023-01-18T21:13:22Z
non-scalable current implementation of treatment patterns function help wanted 2023-01-19T15:40:33Z
Clustering according to sample replicates help wanted 2023-01-17T03:31:09Z
Pkgdown site on its own gh-pages branch enhancement, help wanted 2023-01-13T16:56:15Z
Data bugs for fishing season help wanted, data bug 2023-01-27T19:25:03Z
About the future of `rpostgis` help wanted 2023-01-13T18:14:35Z
Function to automatise data extraction for RedCap and KoboToolbox (API) enhancement, help wanted 2023-01-13T16:26:43Z
New Maintainer Wanted :-) help wanted 2023-01-12T11:25:09Z
Darwin Core data transformation help wanted, question 2023-01-11T17:47:04Z
R-CMD-check fails on Windows and Linux machines - connection error bug, help wanted 2023-01-11T18:00:04Z
Installation fails to get appropriate terra version help wanted 2023-01-11T09:13:23Z
Progress to v0.1.0 documentation, enhancement, help wanted 2023-01-10T23:23:54Z
GOM Spanish mackerel bag limits by zone help wanted 2023-01-03T16:15:53Z
Add company logos to vignette tables enhancement, help wanted 2023-01-01T21:34:41Z
Altitude statistic of Threatened species help wanted 2023-01-11T17:40:08Z
missing date/station in phytoplankton data enhancement, help wanted 2022-12-28T17:58:03Z
Setup GitHub Actions to re-render README documentation, help wanted 2022-12-29T03:08:46Z
modelling: metodos y clases enhancement, help wanted, question 2022-12-26T21:16:35Z
modelling: archivos a almacenar enhancement, help wanted, question 2022-12-26T21:13:32Z
Frame Idea #5 enhancement, help wanted 2022-12-26T22:32:40Z
Frame Idea #4 enhancement, help wanted 2022-12-26T22:32:28Z
Frame Idea #3 enhancement, help wanted 2022-12-26T22:33:46Z
Frame Idea #2 enhancement, help wanted 2022-12-26T22:41:02Z
Create shell script to run get_weather enhancement, help wanted 2022-12-24T01:16:07Z
Q9c & Q9d: What to do when a client has two events on the same day? help wanted 2022-12-21T07:02:24Z
Vector tiles help wanted 2022-12-19T17:27:14Z
add methods for CompadreDB objects or supress helper text enhancement, help wanted 2023-01-25T15:45:16Z
Move example data to separate package help wanted 2022-12-19T14:02:38Z
I need help with msm model help wanted 2022-12-31T10:12:38Z
How to use as addin for Rstudio help wanted 2022-12-18T23:48:54Z
`readHMDweb()` jump to data after login, help requested help wanted 2022-12-15T10:35:24Z
redirect domain to landing page help wanted 2022-12-19T17:27:14Z
Switch to {cli} for all package messaging enhancement, help wanted, good first issue 2022-12-14T11:14:03Z
merge candidates help wanted, question 2022-12-12T17:59:23Z
Code has been peer reviewed (i.e., use PRs and code reviews) help wanted 2023-01-24T16:42:35Z
Linux: detectCores(logical = FALSE) is always equal to detectCores(logical = TRUE) help wanted, question 2022-12-10T02:59:17Z
Adaptive resolution Sampling using the Infomap Bioregions help wanted 2022-12-09T11:59:22Z
specifying appropriate weakly-informative priors help wanted 2023-01-16T22:53:39Z
Develop wiki/vignette/chapter of user guide on mesh guidance enhancement, help wanted 2023-01-19T22:03:09Z
Need a better logo help wanted 2023-01-21T02:45:05Z
Model assessment in the case of censored states and different observation times help wanted 2022-12-09T12:39:05Z
Won't work with attr.source='.numberLines' in r chunk? bug, help wanted 2023-01-11T00:21:58Z
HOCR python binary parser help wanted, time consuming, dependency 2022-12-07T17:11:58Z
New Maintainer Wanted :-) help wanted 2023-01-02T15:05:17Z
Nasapower connection failure, add try catch block with retries. good first issue, help wanted 2022-12-06T15:23:27Z
Downloaded cluster informaton help wanted 2023-01-04T13:48:53Z
Error in file(file, "rt") : cannot open the connection help wanted, database 2023-01-25T14:07:19Z
Time-varying and uncertain generation times enhancement, help wanted 2022-12-14T18:13:53Z
Time-varying latent reporting distributions enhancement, help wanted 2022-12-11T13:15:39Z
Add reporting of the daily growth rate help wanted 2022-12-14T10:16:00Z
Visualisations of the latent model enhancement, help wanted 2022-12-05T13:47:04Z
Test coverage for renewal and latent reporting process enhancement, help wanted, low-priority 2022-12-28T20:28:53Z
New/Better Hex Sticker help wanted 2022-12-04T21:04:30Z
Check Docker Error bug, help wanted 2022-12-03T06:46:28Z
Building a model with known transition probabilities for each strategy help wanted, question 2022-12-18T05:13:40Z
Address recurring regulations help wanted 2023-01-13T18:46:17Z
Add documentation to each tab to help people understand the results help wanted 2022-11-30T16:42:45Z
Consolidate and update data enhancement, help wanted 2022-11-30T16:41:05Z
General Issue: ADVFQ Research help wanted 2022-12-09T12:54:16Z
automate match parsing enhancement, help wanted 2022-12-04T02:31:13Z
Hex logo help wanted 2022-12-09T20:03:19Z
Report all surviving configurations from postselection enhancement, help wanted, postselection 2022-11-18T18:41:45Z
Figure size not respected when axis lines not visible help wanted, priority 2022-11-17T21:20:57Z
cyto_transformer_arcsinh() error Help Wanted 2022-11-17T00:48:22Z
Diagnostic information is private bug, help wanted, production 2022-12-07T23:36:02Z
make a generic `get_discordant_edgelist` function enhance, standardize, help wanted 2022-11-16T17:40:11Z
Regenerate all test fixtures help wanted, discussion 2022-12-12T22:32:34Z
tq_exchange("NASDAQ") not working help wanted 2023-01-16T17:14:34Z
New software/action to publish (meta)data on geonode help wanted, new feature, funding required 2022-11-23T10:26:05Z
label and percent/count font size and space in between? help wanted 2022-12-05T16:29:03Z
Error with dataframe? help wanted 2022-11-19T01:11:58Z
IMOS/CSIRO Satellite Data help wanted, high priority 2022-11-14T00:21:36Z
Feature Request: Flagging - not uniquely geocoded feature request, help wanted 2022-11-23T14:54:25Z
Nested list printer fails for Rmd files bug, help wanted, wontfix 2022-11-11T15:08:38Z
How can we illustrate trans-differential interaction with multiHiCcompare? help wanted 2022-11-11T12:22:34Z
Creation of a GitHub Action file for automated serverside-testing on push and pull request enhancement, good first issue, help wanted 2022-12-01T12:02:07Z
Rendering/Knitting to PDF help wanted 2022-11-11T09:16:00Z
Demographic table decimal places inconsistent with pilot 1 bug, help wanted 2022-11-10T03:50:13Z
Python Users: help improve set up instructions documentation, help wanted 2022-11-09T15:42:32Z
General Issue: ADBCVA Research help wanted 2022-11-29T15:47:26Z
General Issue: ADIOP Research help wanted 2022-11-21T09:01:25Z
General Issue: ADOE Research help wanted 2022-12-01T10:16:09Z
General Issue: ADSL research help wanted 2022-11-18T12:15:42Z
Help on special characters help wanted 2022-11-09T19:01:02Z